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Most of you will agree with me that shop bought skin cream is very expensive. But did you know that making a natural DIY face cream is often better for your skin, or that it’s actually very simple to make and comes at a fraction of the price?

Bellow you’ll find my all time favourite anti aging face cream recipe, it’s a great diy skin care recipe for reducing and preventing wrinkles, it’s also none greasy and absorbs quickly into the skin. I often apply this after using my homemade anti aging serum or facial oil as it helps it penetrate the skin more quickly and eliminates the oiliness.


I have three homemade face creams to show you below, one for mature skin (this is my Rose Anti-aging Cream), one for dry skin and one for combination skin.

To give your DIY face cream that little extra, you can substitute all of the spring water in the recipes bellow with floral waters (also known as distillates, hydrolats and hydrosols).

You can also make your own floral water by steeping dried flower petals or herbs in boiling water for 10 minutes, then straining through a fine strainer or piece of muslin (I’ll have a tutorial on this next week).

If you do go down the ‘making your own flower water’ route you must use a preservative in this recipe or it will only stay fresh for a couple of days, and even with the preservative in it you will still have to reduce the creams life span to 4 months. That’s not to say that I wouldn’t recommend making flower waters, I definitely would as they can be quite cost effective and you will probably use all of the cream in four months anyway. Alternatively flower water is readily available on Amazon.


  • When the diy face cream below states to add the preservative, you will notice I give a choice of when to add it. When buying your preservative the packaging should always give a guideline of when it can be added along with a maximum temperature limit. Most good preservatives can now be added at cool down phase, this is my preferred method as it eliminates the chance of overheating and destroying it. But always check the recommended usage guide before buying it.
  • Unless otherwise stated all of these homemade face creams keep for up to 4 weeks without preservative, and 12 months with preservative added.

Rose Anti-aging Cream (for mature skin)

This indulgent homemade face cream has everything it needs to combat wrinkles and boost regeneration.

  • The Weatgerm and Avocado oils are rich in vitamins and healing properties that sooth, moisten and encourage new cell growth.
  • Rose essential oil is the crème de la crème of essential oils for combating wrinkles but it’s extremely pricey. If you can afford the high price tag you will not be disappointed and you will find that a little goes a very long way, after all we’re talking drops here so it lasts for years when kept in the right conditions. But if Rose essential oil is out of your budget try Rosewood, although not quite as potent it’s a very good substitute.
  • Frankincense is another high targeting essential oil for mature skin, cell regeneration, wrinkle targeting, soothing and meditating are just a few of the properties this first-rate essential oil can bring to the table.


Step 1. Use your small digital scales to carefully weigh out all the oils (excluding essential oils) and Emulsifying Wax into a heatproof container.

Step 2. Place the waters into a separate heatproof container, you can actually add the preservative to the water at this point but as there’s a chance it could easily over heat, I prefer to add it later at cool down phase.

Step 3. Place both containers into a pan of simmering water; use 2 separate ones if you can’t fit both containers in. You need to keep the jars off of the bottom of the pan to help protect the oils from the direct heat. I use the top part of a stacking steamer placed in a larger pan and this works great.

But you can also use trays in the bottom like this (just be sure to make them stable) or you can use a double boiler.

Step 4. Once the Emulsifying Wax has melted remove both containers from the pan then combine the waters and oils together, mix it for at least 3 minutes.

Step 5. Continue to stir at regular intervals until the cream cools to below 45C. Use your infrared thermometer gun to test this.

Step 6. If you are using a preservative and haven’t added it earlier, now is the best time. The easiest way to add this is by placing the cream container onto the digital scales (.0000 of a gram scales are best) press the tare button (resets it to zero) then add the 1 gram with a dropper or small spoon.

Step 7. If separation occurs in cool down phase (step 5) place the container back into the pan of simmering water until melted, remove from the heat then continue stirring until cool.

Step 8. As your mixture starts to thicken add your essential oils, stir well and spoon into a clean jar.

Luxury Skin Boost (for dry skin)

Vitamin A,B1,B2,B5,D and E are all present in the Avocado oil helping to heal and moisten dry skin. Argon oil and kukui nut oil are bursting with vitamin E so they are very hydrating and protecting; Kukui nut oil also has a high concentration of Vitamin A and C so it’s great for very dry, sore or acne prone skin.

The essential oils I’ve chosen for this diy face cream compliment the base oils fully, combating dry dull skin for 24 hours whilst helping to regenerate fresh new skin cells to give a health glow.



Use the same method as the Rose Anti-aging Cream above.

Clear And Bright Day Cream (for combination skin)

Melon seed oil is rich with vitamin C and omega 3 and 6, it absorbs into the skin very quickly taking all the other oils with it. Melon seed oil also holds great healing and skin protecting properties. Jojoba oil is also rich in vitamins; it’s a great choice for combination skin, the antioxidant properties are ideal for clearing excess oil and conditioning the skin. I’ve also added a little wheatgerm oil to increase the vitamin E content to help sooth and hydrate those flaky dry patches.

Sandlewood and ylang-ylang both have rebalancing values to help control oily and overly dry patches and their antidepressant properties will help kick start your day and also put a spring in your step.



Use the same method as the Rose Anti-aging Cream above.

I hope you enjoy making this diy face cream, I know it works well as I use it myself. if you have your own DIY face moisturizer recipe or any other other natural DIY beauty recipes please go ahead and post them in comments below, I’m sure others would love to see them!

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